Open The Book



Our 'Open the Book" team have been blessed to be able to continue our visits to Forest & Sandridge School and also Aloeric Primary School.  We wish to thank all the Staff and Children at both Schools for their continued support.


During this year "Open the Book" celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a Service of Thanksgiving at Gloucester Cathedral to which Ken and I attended, and where we took prayers and pictures which the two Schools had given us, to be included in "Memory books" which were prepared by "Open the Book".


This method of outreach would not be possible without the dedication of our team members, and so I would like to take this opportunity to thank Margaret Cook, David Payne, Jim Morris and Ken McCall.  During the year our Minister-in-Training, Josh, joined the team for occasional visits too.


I would also like to thank those of you who pray for us in this outreach - it is much appreciated.


May we also take this time to ask for your prayers for each School, staff members and children that they keep safe and remain virus-free, and we as a team look forward to seeing them again when the lockdown has been lifted.





We take Assemblies at the following Schools:-


Forest & Sandridge Primary School


Aloeric Primary School


Enabling every child to hear stories from the Bible.





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